The Best Christmas Gifts For Puppies

The Best Christmas Gifts For Puppies

We must remember that puppies are more like kids than we think. And that they love Christmas as much as the five year old sitting on the floor next to them. They are puppies after all and would love to tear anything in to pieces if given the chance. We’re here to make sure that the toy inside is just as much fun as tearing it open!

Kongs are always a great gift for Isabella french bulldog any size dog, and for us humans as well! It keeps our pups busy long enough to take a little break from playing and relax. And it stimulates your puppy’s mind by trying to figure out how to get that treat of the little tiny hole. They will not give up – that is what separates them from the five year old begging for your help to put together their new toys. For dogs with higher levels of energy such as Beabull puppies and Puggle puppies, this is a great distraction! You can reuse the Kong over and over again – just refill with treats and your puppy is completely occupied!

There are even mini-sized Kongs for smaller breeds such as Yorkie puppies or Maltipoo puppies. This will ensure that the hole is just the right size for your tiny pup!

For dogs that are a little harder to please and need a bit more interaction, toys that “talk” are also a big hit. Many pet stores such as PetCo and PetsMart sell a variety of different animals such as gorillas, ducks, frogs and koala bears that make cute little noises to interest your puppy. English Bulldog puppies and French Bulldog puppies will be sure to love these since these breeds are naturally curious. The sound is activated by squeezing the box either by yourself or your pup’s mouth which will keep them entertained over and over again!

And, of course, bones and treats are always a huge hit with any dog. Dingo makes a variety of different flavors, shapes and sizes for all dogs to enjoy. Your pup will hardly be able to wait to rip this package open on Christmas morning to get in to the good smelling treats that are awaiting his drooling little mouth.

Whatever the present is for your puppy this year, the best part of getting them something is watching them try to open it and then enjoy it for months to come. And unlike your kids, they won’t care if it only cost a few dollars!

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