How to Stop Thinking About Gambling Problems – Help For Compulsive Gamblers

If you or someone you know is addicted to gambling you probably know that it is a lifelong addiction. As of the writing of this article, it is thought by many experts in the field of addictions, like the gambling addiction, that addictions do not go away and in fact, last a lifetime MEGAGAME. That can be overwhelming to a person with a gambling problem, but there is hope. Though you may never be cured, there are very successful treatments for the symptoms, and let’s face it, the symptoms are what really bother you and make life difficult.

One of the biggest obstacles that many problem gamblers face is to stop thinking about gambling. It is often described as a compulsion or fixation. In other words, it fills the thoughts of the afflicted person so he or she can’t seem to think of anything else for long. Though the gambler may be able to get his or her mind off it for a while, sooner or later it comes back causing anxiety, nervousness, despair.

Mindfulness meditation, neuro-linguistic programming, and hypnosis are three powerful methods that have been used to help compulsive gamblers find relief. Each of those methods, though different in many ways, all work on the same part of the mind. They all have the same effect of filling the mind with thoughts other than gambling and when your mind is filled with thoughts of other things, you can relax and enjoy life once again. The reason work so well is that they affect the subconscious mind where the gambling disease exists.

While you may not think you are a good candidate for meditation, you may be surprised at the people who felt then same way, but then went on to use it successfully with a little practice. On the other hand, while meditation may not work for everyone, neuro-linguistic programming, using the power of words and sounds to affect the mind has been very effective for some people with behavioral problems. Another effective method is hypnosis or self hypnosis. It is a little known fact that though many people feel they could not be hypnotized, almost everyone is capable of reaching the state of hypnosis necessary to benefit from suggestions for relaxation and compulsive gambling relief.

Relaxation MP3’s that use these various methods can be downloaded right off the internet and used immediately. It doesn’t take any special training to listen to an MP3. The only way you will ever find out if any of these methods will work, however, is to try them. The beauty of these methods is that since each one is available on MP3 they may be used in your own home whenever you are ready to stop thinking about gambling.

Wil has created MP3’s that are specially engineered to help people to stop gambling and relax using simple proven techniques. He is the founder of Eastern Maine Hypnotherapy and has worked with hundreds of people on a variety of behavioral problems such as gambling addiction and problem gambling. His MP3’s are available at

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