Entry-Level Digital Cameras For Every Budget

It is definitely the norm these days to have a digital camera on stand-by in your bag wherever you go. This especially hold true for those who are obsessed with taking pictures and documenting every single thing about their lives. However, having a digital camera around is not really a bad thing. You never know when you will have those chance meet ups with your long lost friends or if a photo opportunity with Johnny Depp will come up.

So if you find compact cameras to be too much of a hassle while SLR Digital cameras to be way over your budget, there are definitely a lot of entry-level digital cameras that you can choose from. Before heading out to the nearest mall or camera shop in your area, you might want to check out what are the latest models of digital cameras within your budget. Most entry-level digital cameras these days only cost around $100 retail and that is just a bit higher from the artsy compact cameras that have also been in vogue these past few years.

This should serve as a warning for you to not easily dismiss those plain looking digital cameras, in spite of their appearance, such entry-level digital cameras are usually very affordable and are already packed with decent features like 8-megapixel photo quality, 3x optical zoom, and 2.5 LCD screen. Definitely not bad for just $100! Heck, even designer jeans would cost more than most entry-level digital cameras these days, and those only last for a few seasons.

Known for its instant pictures, the Polaroid film and camera company have also started developing a brand of digital cameras of their own. While its first batch of cameras turned out to be not too appealing for most consumers, Polaroid has recently come up with entry-level digital cameras with a touch of youthful designs in order to please the design aesthetics of the younger generation.

Camera companies nowadays are also now more focused with the designs of their products aside from its features and quality. The companies do take note that a lot of the consumers nowadays are not just looking for high-tech features and affordability, the young ones, most especially, would want to have a personal digital camera that looks cute and trendy. So do not be surprised if you see mirrorless camera deals  candy colored digital cameras that are definitely way cuter than those bulky SLR Digital Cameras. Do not mistake these cameras as playthings or cheap toy compact cameras because these are definitely the real thing.

So when you go out shopping for a good-quality digital camera take these tips into mind:

o $80 can already get you a trendy mini digital camera however, these usually have poor flash functions and the quality of the photos that can be produced is similar to those from camera phones. If you just want to take pictures with your friends – preferably outdoors and with lots of natural light, then this type of digital cameras could be worth checking out.

o $150 to $200 can already get you a high-quality digital camera although still on the entry-level side. Do not take this as a turn off though as the recent wave of entry-level digital cameras are now packed with better pictures like photo quality not lower than 8 megapixels, rechargeable batteries, and video capturing capabilities.


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