E-Lottery Syndicate Systems — An impartial Review

In 2002 a lottery syndicate system was founded by a British company in the uk, and due to the popularity, it is now played by people in 133 countries across the world. At first, only UK lottery syndicate positionings, where each person in a syndicate had to pay 5 pounds (GBP) for 88 lines per week. These entries were split between forty four lines on the UK Wed lottery and another forty four lines on the UK Sunday lottery draw.

Each syndicate contains forty nine players 威力彩線上買 and the syndicate numbers are picked by computer using a unique method that basically guarantees each syndicate member the benefit of at least one correct number in every draw. So, every syndicate member is playing with only 5 numbers rather than 6 like like ordinary UK lottery players do. Incredibly, this adds up to a massive 733% advantage over players who buy a single ticket per week.

Some time later, the company incorporated the Euro Millions lottery into their lottery program. This is a good better deal than their first product, as part of a 39 strong Euromillions syndicate, the numbers are computer generated in a unique way as to guarantee that you match both Lucky Star numbers correctly in every Friday evening Euro Millions lottery draw, thus increasing syndicate members likelihood of a jackpot prize by 3, 600%. This creates a fantastic benefit for lottery players, in as much that they can win a prize for matching one among their syndicate numbers rather than having to match at least three numbers like a only player would.

There is also another great advantage, and that is anytime a syndicate wins the jackpot, the members of the syndicate not only win the jackpot prize, but a bunch of other prizes as well. For instance, a jackpot win means matching only the five main syndicate numbers plus the two Lucky Star numbers. But as each syndicate member pays just 5 pounds for 36 entries in each draw, this means that they will also win the prize in the level below i. e. four syndicate numbers plus the two lucky star numbers and another prize for matching three syndicate numbers plus the 2 Lucky Star numbers.

So the big advantage here, is that a Euro syndicate will collect a cash prize for all combination’s of their syndicate numbers, right the way down to matching only one syndicate number plus the 2 guaranteed Lucky Star numbers. This is why the company refer to it as the multi-win system. You simply cannot benefit from all these advantages by playing with a single set of lottery numbers on your own.

In addition to all of the benefits, if we add the fact that this particular syndicate system boasts one of the best back-up and support service sectors around today, and if we also add that the associated online affiliate program pays 20% commission on new syndicate members introduced to the program for as long as they continue to sign up, you get with an complete 100% legal lottery system that enables anyone to make extra cash from the lottery.

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