Choosing the Perfect Grinder

Making your own cup of coffee can sometimes be tricky. It not only depends on the coffee beans you buy, but is also largely dependent on your coffee grinder. The perfect coffee grinder is able to extract well the rich bitter flavor of coffee.

A good quality grinder makes the best tasting coffee. Coffee grinders have tons of selections, showcasing different functionalities. Choose a model that suits your preferences and needs. Check out the important features and qualities of what you will buy.

Here are a few guides to help you select the model fit for you.

A good grinder should produce a consistent ground size. There should not be any uneven extractions and mess at the cup bottom. It should grind very finely or coarsely, just like raw sugar. There should never be any burning. A good grinder creates little friction. It should not produce excessive heat that affects coffee flavors.

Coffee grinders meant for home usage are simple appliances. If you’re planning a business such as a coffee shop, commercial grinders are made with more components of metal, making them more expensive. They have large hoppers that can serve lots of customers.

In a commercial set up, one can select from either a doser or a doserless grinder. Dosers can handle volumes of coffee by allowing the beans to have batch grinding. It can hold up to 6 dosages of grounds. The need for freshly ground coffee outweighs the static problem. Dosers can result to the consumption of un-used grounds. Most coffee owners prefer a doserless grinder.

There are two types of grinders you can choose from. Blade grinders have a sharp metal blade that can chop coffee beans into grounds. It is suitable for drip coffee makers. However, it is not recommended for espresso machines.

Burr grinders, on the other hand, use a revolving grinding wheel that can produce more consistent coffee grounds. It allows even wetting and stuffing of grounds. Burr grinder is the most expensive type.

Burr grinders have two types – wheel and conical. Wheel burrs are plate-shaped, spinning very fast. The conical type retains a lower speed, for the aromatic and flavorful effect of the grounds.

Wheel burrs are best for espresso machines. Conical burrs are mixer grinder the ideal type for grinding oily coffees that won’t clog up. Some prefer to buy conical grinders because it is marketed for home usage, with the use of a plastic burr carrier. It is much better with a flat style that has a metal burr assembly.

The grind adjustment is important, especially for grind control. One can choose between stepped and stepless adjustment grinders. Stepless has unlimited number of settings of grind sizes. Stepped adjustment has preset stops.

A good grinder should be easy to maintain. Look for a grinder design that has a removable compartment, for easy dishwasher cleaning. A grinder should be mess-free during regular operations.

Braun is the most common brand, receiving good reviews in both categories of model grinders. Other popular and best quality brands include Burr, Solis, Krups, Capresso and Kitchenaid. In general, these popular brands have been trusted by many users and have received many positive feedbacks already. That should serve as guide for you in choosing the next model to buy’

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