6 Steps to a Bodyguard Career

The six basic steps outlined below are all that is required for you to start your bodyguard career. Whilst they are simple steps, they make take you many months to complete. You must approach all of the steps with energy and enthusiasm if you are to succeed.

1. Get training

Choose your training provider wisely, don’t just close protection security  choose the nearest bodyguard training company to your home. Do some research, carry out your own due diligence, ask for references and vigorously follow them up. Look on the internet, ask on forums, check that the company is licenced.

2. Get licensed

To work in the United Kingdom you need to have the close protection licence. This is issued by the Security industry authority (SIA). The licencing is in two parts. First you must have completed a recognised course and passed the course tests. The second part of the procedure includes checks to ensure that you do not have a criminal record. If you can show that for the last five years you have an exemplary record in obtaining this license should not be a problem.

3. Produce a good CV/resume

Your CV is an advertisement it should sell you and the services that you can provide. Your CV/resume must be a perfect example of professionalism. If you cannot produce a CV/resume to the standard then consider outsourcing this task to a professional it won’t cost you much money but failure to do so might

4. Plan your attack

Gather as much information about the close protection industry as you can. You need make a list of as many potential employers as possible. Start sending your CV/resume out to the very best prospects first keep records of where you have sent the CV/resume and who you have spoken to.

5. Follow-through.

Many people fail in their search for employment because they just do not follow up make a point of contacting everyone that you send your CV/resume to your aim is to gain an interview. You are much more likely to be offered the position if an employer has met face-to-face.

6. Stay current

Make sure that whilst you are unemployed you keep yourself abreast of current world affairs. Read as much about the industry as you can. This may pay dividends when you find yourself being interviewed by a potential employer.


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